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Cheap Prozac Online No Prescription Ordering Prozac Online

Cheap Prozac Online No Prescription
Cheap Prozac Online No Prescription

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"XIV. Committee on Medical Ethics. . . . Sec. 5. All questions of
ethics in other respects shall, as far Prozac Sale Uk as applicable, be adjudged in ac-
cordance nith the Code of Ethics promulgated by the American Medi-
cal Association and adopted by the Prozac Buy Academy."
" XXI. Prozac Amphetamine Signing the Constitution and By-Laws. Section 1. Every
duly admitted Resident Fellow shall affix his signature to the Constitu-
tion Cheap Prozac Without Rx and By-Laws within two months after his election; and in default
thereof, said election shall be deemed void, unless a satisfactory excuse
be given ; nevertheless, he may be renominated and re-elected."
The bearing of some of Cheapest Prozac Online the passages cited may he remote
and contingent on points not at all certain to come up in this Ordering Prozac Online
controversy, but, in view of the unexpected turn that the
struggle has taken from time to time, Buy Prozac it is well, we think, to
bear them all in mind. The deduction to be drawn from
them is, that the Academy has full power to make and enforce
such rules as it sees fit in regard to the admission, the govern-
ment, the suspension, and the expulsion of members, provided,
of course, those rules do not run counter to the laws of the
State. It therefore Order Prozac Online C.O.D had a perfect right to instruct its Commit-
tee on Admissions in the way it recently did instruct them by
adopting Dr. Flint's resolutions. The question of the wisdom
of that action is quite another matter.
Passing over the points that may be involved in several of
our citations, we come to that article of the constitution in
which the Academy reserves the right to punish violations of its
regulations. Taking that article in connection with the fifth sec-
tion of the fourteenth article of the by-laws, we seem to have
the Prozac Sales 2011 essentials of the Academy's requirements in the matter ot
ethics. We began by saying, in substance, that no reasonable
person conld doubt the duty of every Fellow of the Academy
to govern his conduct in accordance with those requirements.
But much more than this has been urged in some quarters.
We have heard it gravely stated, for instance, not only that a
Fellow of the Academy was hound to conform to its code of
ethics so far as his individual acts were concerned, but that he
was bound to uphold that code in every possible way — that, in
fact, he was debarred from opposing the adoption or the main-
tenance of that code in other organizations, or even expressing
an opinion unfavorable to it. Prozac Buy Online No Prescription It has been stated, too, that
May 12, 1883.]
every Fellow signed his name, at the time of joining the Acad- Prozac Alternative
emy, to an engagement of the nature of an oath, binding him
to the course here defined.
Now let us look into the validity of these rcniarkalilc
statements. For the moment we will put aside the matter of
the alleged oath, and consider whether, on general principles,
a member of an organization is for ever debarred from raising
his voice against the rules which he finds in force in that or-
ganization. If Prozac Buy Online such were the accepted principle, no rule or
law of any sort would ever be repealed or amended, and our
civilization would find itself so clogged that there would be no
such Order Prozac Online Prescription thing as progress. Such a state of tilings would be intol-
erable. But it is quite unnecessary to pursue the Ordering Prozac theoretical
argument in this direction, for the Academy has expressly pro-
vided for tlic repeal or amendment of any and every part ot
its constitution and by-laws. Manifestly the originators of this
provision did not take pains to provide for measures that they
intended to make impossible. But how is any repeal or
amendment to be accomplished unless some one moves it, and
how is such a motion to come about save as the result of op-
position to the existing state of things? The rediictio ad alt-
surdum is obvious. And certainly whatever provisions for
repeal or amendment apply to the constitution and by-laws as
a whole, apply to every part of those documents, the ethical
part included.
The next erroneous piece of doctrine inculcated is, that a
Fellow of the Academy has no right to work against its code in
another organization. The application is, that a Fellow of tlie
Academy is debarred from opposing the re-enactment of the
code of ethics of the American Medical Association, which is
the Academy's code, in tlie State Medical Society. This is tan-
tamount to saying that a Republican congressman from a Demo-
cratic State has no right to act against the Democratic party in
Congress — a doctrine so obviously absurd that it would fail to
gain the assent even of the most bigoted conclave of propagan-
As to the alleged oath, or something of the nature of an
oath, we may say, in the first place, that nothing of the sort is
to be found in the published requirements for fellowship, and
that, being therefore not necessary to be signed, if it has any
existence at all, it has been interpolated surreptitiously, has
been signed in ignorance if signed at all, and has not the slight-
est particle of validity.
The simple truth is, that, as a little rollection would teach
any man of common sense, a Fellow of the Academy of Medi-
cine, Ordering Prozac Canada while unquestionably bound to abide Cheap Prozac Online No Prescription by its rules in the
matter of his personal conduct, is perfectly free to argue and
vote against those rules in the Academy, and as Cheapest Prozac free as any
other member of the profession to oppose them in other organi-
zations, or with the profession at large. Moreover, any oppo-
nent of the Academy's code, or of any of its rules, can sign its
constitution and by-laws with a clear conscience and with per-
fect propriety, in case he should chance to be elected to fcllow-
sliip, for by so doing ho binds himself only as to his own observ-
ance of that code and thosa rules, and not by Prozac Commercial any means to bo
fettered by them in the matter of his opinions or as to making
all honorable efforts Prozac Sales to spread those opinions or to secure their
adoption in the Academy or elsewhere.
The newspapers announce that one Dr. 0. C. Gage, of New
York, was arrested in Dover, N. H., last Saturday, charged by
a medical student with practicing medicine without a license
from a medical society in the State of New Hampshire. In it-
self the incident is not very remarkable, but the dispatch to
Prozac Sale Online
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